Among Us Mod

Unlocked everything with among us mod menu hack 2021. Available for iOS, PC and Android

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Intro for Among US Mod

If you are a big fan of the game and want to know how to install mods on a PC among us, read all the steps and download it to your computer. In the hottest game right now, millions of players are waiting for the new map to arrive soon. However, to spice up the wait and keep playing non-stop, many fans have created mods that improve the gameplay of AmongUs.

What is mods?

Mods, or among us mod menu ios and android, are common in many games, such as: Minecraft, and any Steam games workshop. Among the different options to download, you can find mythical characters from the world of video games such as Mario, Sonic, or just a few bunnies. Some change the size of the character, the difficulty of the crew's mission, or the map environment. To see the new official map between us, we have to wait until February.

How to install mod on AmongUs for PC

Installing mods is a lot easier than you think. First of all, you should already download The AmongUs game from your computer's Steam application. If you want to innovate the game with your friends, follow these steps:

Some access pages include mods from the Internet AmongUs community.

Some access pages include mods from the Internet among us mod menu pc

Open the installation location among us by downloading.

For this, you can give ' right-click and view the location of AmongUs' application in Desk .

It is recommended to create a backup AmongUs_Data " in case the game gives you problems.

Enter the folder "DATA" to copy the downloaded file.
A lot of files are ".assets".

If you are asked to copy and replace it, that's fine. Nothing happens.

The community has created a very diverse mod that changes from the map to the character itself. By 2021 among us mod menu
, the game will have new resources, but at Christmas time, you need to know how to install these mods into the game.

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